Tiger Hunt Photo Contest

This entry has been published on June 14, 2021 and may be out of date.

Meet Terrence Long-Tail, tiger about town!


Terrence has come to Summit to help with the Adult Summer Reading Program. Each week, we’ll post a photo on the library website and on our Facebook page of Terrence visiting a different spot in Summit. If you can identify the location, click on the link to send in your guess. A correct answer will get your name entered in a prize drawing at the end of the summer.




The Rules

1) The contest is open to anyone who is registered for the ADULT Summer Reading Program (sorry, kids), but you can certainly ask other family members for help.

2) Employees of the Summit Free Public Library and their families are not eligible to enter.

3) Photos will be posted weekly on Monday mornings. You have until the end of that week (11:59 PM on Sunday) to submit your guess. When a new photo goes up, we’ll announce the correct answer for the previous week.

4) All of the photos will be of public places in the City of Summit.

5) Guesses must be reasonably specific. If we post a photo of Terrence sitting on a bench, ‘a park bench’ will not be accepted as an answer. ‘A bench in ____ Park’ is fine. We won’t expect you to identify it as ‘The third bench to the left of the oak tree in ____ Park’.

6) A correct answer to any of the photos will get you entered in the prize drawing for the contest. (More than one correct answer will get you bragging rights.)


Void where prohibited by law. Batteries not included. May be harmful if swallowed. Not dishwasher safe. Slippery when wet. This end up. Actual mileage may vary. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while attempting to find Terrence’s locations. Other restrictions may apply. No tigers, real or plush, were harmed in the making of this contest.