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Stop the "Bill Board Menace"!

easter foodThe Summit Herald of April 18, 1924 reported that the Summit Garden Club sponsored a lecture on the "bill board menace". The speaker, Mrs. W.L. Lawton, was chairman of the National Committee for Restriction of Outdoor Advertising. Her group's aim was to keep billboards in appropriate places, and ban them from residential areas and scenic highways.

Preparations were underway for the Republican presidential primary. Voters were asked to choose delegates supporting either incumbent President Calvin Coolidge or challenger Senator Hiram Johnson.

A meeting was held at the YWCA to celebrate the formation of a new Boy Scout troop for patriotic young colored boys. Various dignitaries spoke, including Mayor Topping and Scoutmaster Edward Griffin. Brass band instruments had been acquired for the troop, and the boys played several selections for the enthusiastic crowd of over 200 people.

The Lyric Theatre was showing "Soft-Boiled", a western comedy with cowboy Tom Mix and his wonder horse, Tony.

The "Heraldings for Housewives" column provided a recipe for cupcakes with orange frosting.

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