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Hold Your Horses!

hoodsThe Summit Record of April 4, 1896 reported that members of Calvary Episcopal would have a very special Easter service, as it would be the first time that they would worship in their new building, considered to be the handsomest church in Summit. Music for the service would be performed on the new church organ, even though the instrument was not completely finished.

The Editor warned against "McKinleyism" and predicted that if Senator William McKinley was elected President in November that it would be bad for American workingmen. On a more local note, he complained that the coachmen driving their employers to and from the train depot seemed to delight in travelling at an excessive speed along Union Avenue, endangering pedestrians.

Four amateur baseball teams announced that they would be forming a local league: the Casino Club of Summit, the Chatham and Madison Clubs, and the Newark Field Club.

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