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A Dangerous Jump

mailorderThe Summit Record of March 21, 1903 reported that Mr. Charles Manley of Chatham (son of Mrs. George Manley of Summit) was nearly killed at the Broad Street Station in Newark. When he discovered that the train he was on did not stop at Newark, he jumped off, fell, and started to roll beneath the last car.  He was able to shift his position, but his right foot went under the wheel, and the big toe was severed. After a visit to the hospital, he was able to go home the same day.

There were a quite a few speeding automobiles on Morris Turnpike, all going faster than the posted legal limit of 7 MPH. Many of the offending cars were from New York. It seemed likely that summer would bring a "boom" in automobile traffic, even though the roads of New Jersey were not designed to accomodate large, heavy vehicles going 20-30 MPH. The Editor expressed a fear that if the speed limits were not strictly enforced, and the rights of horse owners and pedestrians protected, there might be fatal accidents on the roads of Summit.

In the Classifieds. For sale: a pair of carriage horses, 8 years old; a Cyphera incubator (will hold 120 eggs). Lost: a silver belt buckle. To rent: flat with four rooms and bath, $12.50 per month.

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