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A Kidnapped Policeman

timr to telephoneThe Summit Record of February 28, 1914 reported that tests revealed that a dog which had bitten several people as well as other stray dogs had been suffering from rabies. Those bitten were advised to undergo the Pasteur Cure. The Mayor ordered that any dogs found wandering loose should be killed on sight if they were not wearing muzzles.

Following a series of burglaries in north Summit, Police Chief Brown ordered officers in plain clothes to patrol the area at night, and question any strangers they encountered.  Officers John Gannon and William George came across a well-dressed man who claimed to be the butler of local resident A.J. Rose. They were about to take him to the house where he supposedly worked, when an automobile belonging to Mr. G.E. Esher of Hobart Avenue came by, driven by his chauffeur, Russell Bland. The policemen decided to use the car to get to their destination quickly. They made the mistake of stepping in front of their prisoner, and were surprised to find he was pointing a revolver at them. The policemen's own guns were inaccessible, being in holsters underneath their coats. The stranger forced Officer George into the car, then ordered the chauffeur to drive at high speed to Short Hills. Eventually, they stopped at a deserted, ramshackle building. The chauffeur was instructed to tie up Officer George, and then he was also bound. The stranger lit a cigarette, took a drink of whiskey from a flask, and then took off in the car for parts unknown. After a substantial effort, Officer George managed to untie himself and the chauffeur.

An article on "pure food" gave tips for the housewife to pick out good quality food, including a trick with a knitting needle to determine if milk had been watered down.

Clifford Borden celebrated his 11th birthday with 15 friends at his home on Beauvoir Avenue. The boys were given miniature hatchets, and the girls received Colonial-style hats.

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