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Thanks for the Smokes!

perfection2The Summit Herald of October 25, 1918 reported that the influenza ban on public gatherings remained in effect, and could not be lifted until there was a substantial decrease in the number of new cases. Since September 20, there were 599 cases of influenza and 51 of pneumonia. Of the 40 deaths in that month, 11 were out-of-towners who had been brought to Overlook Hospital. The Board of Health discussed the possibility of purchasing an automobile ambulance to replace the current horse-drawn one.

Two drives were collecting material to entertain the troops. Summit residents were urged to "draft your 'slacker' records" to provide music to the boys at base and overseas, and also to "enlist your magazines".

Herbert Gilson, a candidate for Councilman, wrote a letter to the Editor, forcefully denying his opponent's claim that he was a German sympathizer. His Americanism was second to none, he said, he did not have a drop of German blood in him, and he loathed and abhorred the beasts who had been responsible for so many vile acts. He reminded the public that he had been one of the first to call for the removal of the German language classes from Summit public schools.

Miss Emmie Donner of Summit married Mr. Eberhard Kley of New York at the Donner home on Summit Avenue. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Walker Gwynne. It was originally scheduled to be held at Calvary Church, but that was not possible, due to the influenza ban. Only the immediate family and close friends attended. Following the ceremony, a dinner was held for the bridal party.

Two large competing ads argued the two sides of the "local option" question, debating whether prohibition of the sale of alcohol would be good or bad for Summit.

Members of the Canoe Brook Country Club donated $200 to the Smoke Fund for the boys overseas. They received many thank-you notes from grateful soldiers. One, from "somewhere in France" contained the this verse:

It was only today
While in a hospital I lay,
Your package of smokes came to me
It opened my eyes
With utmost surprise,
To receive it was certainly great.
And after my daily alcohol rub
I'll smoke to the Health of the Canoe Brook Club.

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