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"Hey, Mac, which way to Madison?"

hat cleanedThe Summit Herald of September 20, 1929 reported that the Summit Rotary Club proposed to Common Council that they erect directional signs at at least 9 major intersections in the city, indicating where each road leads. This should cut down on the number of confused motorists stopping to shout at pedestrians, "Hey, Mac, which way to Madison?" The cost of the project had not yet been estimated.

Three schoolboys--aged 14, 14, and 15--spent part of a very cold night on the streets of Summit. They were all from the same neighborhood in New York City, and said they had left home the day before to look for work. They were held at the police station, and their parents were notified.

Summit resident W.F. Brinning one second prize in a fish exhibition in Newark for a pair of Siamese Fighting Fish. The exhibition was sponsored by the Newark Aquarium Society.
In the classifieds: Lost, a gold wristwatch and bracelet set with sapphires; a man's gray vest; a black-and-white English setter. For Sale: new Orthophonic Victrola, $30; well-mannered 5-gaited saddle horse, suitable for a lady; walnut radio cabinet.

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