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A Vacation from Hay Fever

schultzThe Summit Record of September 13, 1902 reported that Civil War veteran and former Summit Postmaster William B. Coggeshall was riding down Maple Street when his horse was startled by an auto parked in front of the Wulff Building. Although the machine was not in motion, it was making a "churning sound" that frightened the horse, which plunged forward and kicked wildly. Mr. Coggeshall fell head-first onto the road. He suffered a cut to the head and a concussion of the brain. He was carried to Dr. Taylor's Pharmacy, where Dr. Grey treated his injuries.

The Board of Education met to discuss the overcrowding in Summit's two public schools. Enrollment decreased slightly (553 to 542 ) from the previous year, but the editor noted that this was probably due to many families still being away on vacation.

The social notes reported on many locals returning from--or leaving for--vacation. Summit residents returned from Boston, Nantasket, Block Island, and resorts on the Maine Coast. The Hermann family was planning to spend several weeks in the Delaware Water Gap and the Poconos, Rev. Warren Giles was off for a month of hunting and fishing in Canada, the Beck family was headed for Mountain Rest at Lake Mohonk, and Mr. and Mrs. Dohrman departed for a month in Middledam, Maine, to seek relief for Mr. Dohrman's sufferings from hay fever.

The "Cookbook" column provided tips on cooking eggplant (broiled), serving tomato soup (with slices of orange to add flavor), and gave a recipe for coconut pyramids (mix together 2 stiffly beaten egg whites, 2 cups of grated coconut, 1 cup powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons flour; shape into pyramids and bake until brown).

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