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Climbing to a Higher Summit

plaidThe Summit Record of September 6, 1890 reported that a former Summit girl had visited a very different summit. Miss Fay Fuller became the first woman to climb to the top of Mount Tacoma [Mt. Rainier]. She accomplished the ascent in two days, carrying her own baggage, and spent the second night in the crater at the summit.

A dangerous collision took place on Springfield Avenue when an open carriage containing three ladies was struck and overturned by a carriage belonging to Mr. Charles Edey, a guest at the Park House hotel. Mr. Edey's carriage was kept at a local livery stable, and it was being delivered to him when the accident occurred. One of the ladies struck her head, and was carried to Mrs. Rapelyea's dry goods store, where Dr. Lawrence was summoned to attend her. She was unconscious for two hours, but by evening was well enough to recover at home.

A dark red cow went missing from the property of Patrick Egan on Baltus Roll Road, and was located several days later in the stable of William Freeman of Park Avenue. Freeman said he found the cow wandering in the street and brought it home.

A report from New York on the fall fashions indicated that plaid gowns were popular in silk, velvet, woollen, and popline fabrics, with a simpler cut than in past few years.

The Summit baseball team suffered its first major loss over Labor Day weekend, losing 2 games out of 3 to the Newark Ironsiders.

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