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Look! Up in the Sky!

nee dellThe Summit Herald of August 30, 1929 reported that Chatham resident James Shea caused a stir in a speech before the Summit Kiwanis Club. He claimed that the Summit police discriminated against out-of-towners when enforcing traffic laws, but were more lenient with Summit drivers. Chief of Police John Murphy denied the allegation, and cited statistics from the past month showing that 19 Summit drivers had been charged for speeding or reckless driving in the past month, as compared to 5 from Chatham, 2 from Madison, and 1 from Morristown.

Early morning risers in Summit were startled by what seemed to be an especially loud truck, but the noise came not from the road but the sky. The airship Graf Zeppelin, all five engines roaring, flew swiftly over the north part of the city at low altitude, heading towards Manhattan.

The newly-opened Kay Food Shop advertised meat specials: rib roast 38¢/lb., boneless pot roast 42¢/lb., and leg of spring lamb 39¢/lb. Also on special: Maxwell House Coffee 45¢/lb., Campbell's soups 3/25¢, and granulated sugar 53¢/10 lb.

Fans of the Lackawanna baseball league looked forward to a weekend of exciting games, including matches between the Summit Red Sox and the Chatham Howitzers, the Millburn Blues, and the Maplewood Mapes.

The local movie theaters offered Lon Chaney as a railroad engineer in "Thunder" and the famous wonder dog Rin Tin Tin in "Frozen River," a drama about gold hunters in the far north.

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