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The Case of the Missing Rabbits

UntitledThe Summit Record of July 26, 1902 reported that thieves broke into the rabbit coop behind the home of Mr. William Coggeshall, and stole 45 Belgian hares. Mr. Coggeshall had been raising the rabbits for sale, and said that particular breed was worth $5-$15 each. Estimated total value of the rabbits was $200. No one in the house heard anything during the night, and there was no clue to the identity of the thieves.

Summer activities offered both amusement and prizes to local residents and seasonal visitors. The YMCA lawn tennis tournament awarded a silver cup as the first prize, and a burnt wood ping-pong racquet as second prize. A euchre party at the Blackburn Hotel offered as prizes for women: a cut glass dish, a picture, and a silver hat pin. For men: a silver ash receiver, a silver match safe, and a funny picture. That final prize was won by Mrs. Thuman, who filled a male role due to the shortage of men players.

The Editor recommended that Summit consider an ordinance to require wagons with heavy loads to use wide tires, since narrow tires caused more damage to macadamized roads.

In the Classifieds: Lost, a green silk umbrella with a silver and mother-of-pearl handle. For Sale, a nearly-new gentleman's chainless 1900 Spalding bicycle for $25.

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