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And Down Comes Baby

dresses frumkinThe Summit Herald of July 19, 1929 reported that the year-and-a-half-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lee fell from an upper-story porch through a gap in a the railing. She amazed everyone by surviving a story-and-a-half fall onto a concrete walk, and returned home after just a few days stay at Overlook Hospital.

The scheduled Common Council meeting had to be postponed, as four of the seven members were away on vacation or business trips, and there was no quorum. The Union County Mosquito Commission was concerned to discover unusual numbers of Mansonia Perturbans mosquitoes in the Summit/New Providence area. That particular species, rare in New Jersey, was known to give severe bites.

Recently arrived guests at the Hotel Suburban included travelers from Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn, Freehold, Newark, Philadelphia, and Short Hills. Miss Elsa, supervisor of dancing for the Union County Park Commission was giving lessons in folk dancing on the twelve playgrounds in the county park system. The Summit Kiwanis Club was planning a minstrel show in October to raise money for the underprivileged fund.

Charles Dawes, newly-appointed Ambassador to the United Kingdom, announced that he would not be serving liquor in the London embassy, even though alcohol was legal there.

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