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Dancing in the Street

klocksin2The Summit Herald of July 12, 1932 reported that the Board of Health passed an ordinance requiring owners of vacant lots to remove any ragweed growing on their property. The Board also discussed concerns about a health camp which was recently established on a 4-acre plot of land at 417 Morris Avenue. The camp, for undernourished Hebrew children from Newark, did not have a permit.

The city's Fourth of July celebrations, postponed due to rain, were held on the following Saturday. They concluded in the evening with a block dance in front of the YMCA. It was attended by 2,000 people. A local band, the 12-piece Aeolian Orchestra, began with military and patriotic tunes, then switched to contemporary popular music. Corn meal was scattered on the street to make a smooth surface for dancing.

At one point, attendees were startled to hear the sound of nearby gunshots. Police Officer Russell Leslie stopped a car whose driver appeared to be drunk. When ordered to step out of the car, the man sped away. Officer Leslie fired two shots, then pursued in a borrowed car. He was forced to abandon the chase, but as the driver left behind his licence, he was later arrested at his apartment in Vauxhall.

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