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Dogs Must be Quarantined

vacation serviceThe Summit Herald of June 14, 1940 reported that local women were asked to donate blankets and clothing for refugee children in France. Members of the Lincoln School PTA petitioned the Mayor and Common Council to purchase an adjacent property to build an adequate playground for the students. In the Letters to the Editor, local residents debated the city's Fourth of July plans: should the city put on the usual fireworks display or donate the money to the Red Cross?

Summit Health Office Henry P. Dengler warned local dog owners of a mandate from the state that all dogs must be quarantined for the next three months--kept confined in a building or pen, except when on a leash. This was in response to the prevalence of rabies in the northern part of the state. Residents allowing their dogs to run loose would be fined $50 for the first offense, and $100 for each further offense.

The "Home on the Range" cooking column gave recipes for ice cream (lemon, chocolate, mocha, and chocolate coconut), and instructions for making ice cream sandwiches by putting a spoonful of ice cream between two fig newtons..

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