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Mysterious Explosion Destroys House

franklinThe Summit Herald of April 5, 1929 reported that a vacant house was destroyed by a mysterious explosion, followed by a fire. The explosion blew the front door off its hinges and across the street, and detached the entire eastern wall from the foundation. The fire department put out the blaze, but could not find the cause of the blast. Common Council approved an appropriation of $23,500 to complete the work on Soldiers Memorial Field. The Roth-Strand Theater announced its first all-talking all-singing movie, "In Old Arizona". In his column, "Major Freelance" praised the new federal law that would require merchants to position scales so that consumers could clearly see the dials.

A group of high school seniors from Clinton went down to Trenton to see the Legislature at work. After the visit, they had three recommendations for their representatives:

  1. Smoke fewer big, black cigars.
  2. Take their feet off their desks
  3. Use politer language to one another.

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