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A Corn-y Luncheon

thriftThe Summit Herald of January 18, 1924 reported that many businesses and organizations in Summit were observing National Thrift Week, beginning on January 17, the birthday of Benjamin Franklin.  Stores offered Thrift Week sales, Local banks distributed free budget books. At the D.A.R. meeting, Mrs. R.H. Reeve read a paper on the life of Franklin.

A violent rain and windstorm caused property damage and several auto accidents. At the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, the airship Shenandoah was ripped loose from its moorings by the wind, and was later seen flying over Westfield.

The Women's Alliance of All Souls' Church enjoyed a demonstration luncheon, in which most of the dishes were cooked with Mazola, Argo, and Karo corn products. The menu included Veal Croquettes (fried in Mazola oil), Fruit Salad (with Mazola mayonnaise), Apple Pie (presumably thickened with Argo cornstarch), Hot Tea Biscuits (shortened with Mazola), and Karo Fudge. The 60 guests left feeling "well content in mind and well filled in body".

The New Jersey Legislature returned to work with a large number of proposed bills. These included: renaming the Amboy Bridge "Victory Bridge" in honor of the veterans of the war, allocating $7 million to the Hudson tunnel project; a prohibition against mask-wearing in public, aimed at the KKK; and a one cent tax on gasoline to pay for road building.

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