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good morningThe Summit Herald of December 14, 1907 reported that a fire broke out in a shoe repair shop on Summit Avenue, on Sunday morning. The shop owner had left for the day, but eight families living on the upper floors were trapped inside. The firemen were able to put out the fire before it spread to other parts of the building. Despite heavy smoke and a fire-escape so rusted that some of the rungs broke as firemen carried children out, all the inhabitants were safely evacuated. Mrs. Hannah Hanrahan had been in bed with pneumonia, and left the building dressed only in a light robe. She suffered a relapse, and was taken to Overlook Hospital.

The Free Bed Fund raised nearly $1000 to help maintain a free bed at Overlook Hospital. The bed was occupied by needy patients every day of the year.

First Baptist Church announced a Christmas pageant with songs and carols, “Christmas at Rosemary Castle”, given by the children of the congregation, and featuring Santa Claus, a host of princes and princesses, fairies, tin soldiers, and flower girls.

The front page contained an obituary for Fatema, a macaw parrot residing on Pine Grove Avenue. Fatema had a larger vocabulary than most birds of her kind, and seemed to know what she was saying. She could clearly—and firmly—express a desire for food and drink. Favorite treats were greeted with “I like it!” and disappointments with “Oh dear!” When taken outside in the garden, she would exclaim, “Oh, look at the beautiful sun!”

In the U.S. Senate, Jeff Davis, the junior Senator from Arkansas, took the floor for a two-hour speech. He railed against the big trusts, including Standard Oil, and those in the administration who protected them. He also questioned why President Roosevelt received $113,000 for living expenses, since the President had only five children. Senator Davis declared, “I have the President 'skinned a city block' in th’ matter of family. I have eight children and it don't take $113,000 for my living expenses.”

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