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Priest Catches Thief

PERCxcfThe Summit Herald of November 2, 1917 reported that fundraising for the war effort was in full swing. The “free wool fund” held a card party to purchase wool for volunteer knitters to make sweaters and other garments for soldiers. Mrs. C.A. Woodhull offered free lessons in making socks on a knitting machine. The Treasure and Trinket Fund was looking for donated bits of silver and gold—silver thimbles, broken pieces of jewelry, etc.—which could be melted down and sold to purchase googles, scarves, and sweaters for military aviators. Donation boxes for the Tobacco Fund (to buy smokes for Summit boys in service) were placed in many stores around town.

When $3 was discovered to be missing from the shrine and poor boxes at St. Teresa’s, suspicion fell on a man who had been seen loitering in the church after services. When the man next appeared, sexton Thomas Dwyer watched him from a hiding place behind the altar. The suspect attempted to pry open a poor box with a nail. The assistant rector, Rev. Cornelius McInerney, ordered the man to stop. When the suspect fled, the sexton, rector, and several others gave chase. The rector caught the thief, who was brought to the police station. He identified himself as Joseph Marshall, but added that it was not his real name, as he was afraid of disgracing his family.

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