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Shot by a Friend

miladyThe Summit Herald of September 28, 1917 reported that Mayor Ruford Franklin of Summit and Dr. Harry Dengler of Springfield drove down to Fort Dix to visit the recently-drafted local men who were going through basic training, and found them cheerful and in good health.

Albert Lager, 15-year-old son of Councilman John Lager was accidently shot by a friend who found a .38 revolver which he thought was unloaded. Albert’s older brother drove him to Overlook Hospital, where a surgeon removed the bullet from his liver. He was expected to recover. The Editor suggested that this incident should inspire lectures on gun safety in all of the Summit schools.

Mr. Carroll P. Bassett was driving his electric car away from his home on Hobart Avenue when he spotted two men on bicycles ahead of him. He rang his bell, and the two bicyclists separated to let him pass. Suddenly, the man on the right swerved back into the center of the road. Mr. Bassett slammed on his brakes and turned the steering lever sharply, but his car struck the man, who was taken to the hospital and died about an hour later. The victim was Alexander Russo, who worked for Mr. Bassett as a gardener. He had married ten days earlier.

The Office of Home Economics at the State Agricultural College shared several recipes for grapes, including Grape Juice and Grape Marmalade.

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