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An Expensive Crap Game

crystal02The Summit Herald of September 14, 1907 reported that the Lackawanna baseball league ended the last game of the season with Summit winning 4-2 over Chatham. In the classifieds, rewards were offered for a lost small diamond brooch and a lost (or stolen) girl’s bicycle.

Rubenstein Carr, the butler for Mr. Coler interrupted a burglary of his employer’s Summit Avenue home. He was awakened in the middle of the night by a noise, and came downstairs, revolver in hand, to find the electric lights on and a man darting towards the open front door. Carr fired several shots, shattering the glass in the door, but missing the burglar. The police could not find the suspect, who left behind a sheet piled with silver, cut-glass, and other valuables.

Four men were playing craps beneath an electric light on New England Avenue near Fair Oaks Sanitarium when an argument began. Kirkland Schuyler threw a stone at Eliazai Brown, who responded by cutting him with a knife. The wounded Schuyler was found by a patrolman and taken to Overlook Hospital for treatment. The judge ruled that Brown had acted in self-defense. Schuyler pleaded guilty to assault and was fined $25; the other men were fined $5 each.

The new Cunard steamship Lusitania was expected to complete her maiden voyage from England to New York in a record-breaking four days.

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