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President McKinley shot!

mckinley01The Summit Herald of September 7, 1901 reported that President William McKinley was shot the previous afternoon while visiting the Temple of Music at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. Surgeons were able to remove a bullet from the chest, but not the second one, which went into the abdomen. The wounds were serious, but there was hope that the President might recover.

Labor Day was celebrated by a special exhibition of the Summit Fire Department. All four fire companies turned out in full uniform with their equipment, including the new hook and ladder truck, which was pulled by a fine team of bay horses. Each company demonstrated their skills with timed trials: connecting hoses to hydrants and raising ladders to the tops of buildings.

Miss Ethel Hay returned from her vacation at Bradley Beach with a special souvenir: a silver trophy cup. She had the highest score of the season in the Bradley Beach Ladies Bowling Club.

The editorial page quoted the Newark Advertiser on the practice of “tipping” in barber shops and restaurants. The custom was borrowed from Europe, and became universal in the United States, but in the editors’ opinion, it was un-American, and should be abolished.

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