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Adventures on the Road

swimsuitsThe Summit Herald of July 20, 1928 reported that Common Council voted to seek bids for paving 11 local streets with asphalt, although a petition from property owners favored concrete instead. The Board of Recreation agreed to permit Sunday baseball games at Soldiers’ Memorial Field, provided that no fees were charged and neither team was traveling from out of town.

World record holder Jimmy Jordan was scheduled do a 100-hour endurance drive through the streets of Summit without stopping to eat or sleep. Following his marathon cruise in a Pontiac automobile, Mr. Jordan planned to get some sleep—in the display window of Clickenger’s furniture store on Springfield Avenue. The stunt was sponsored by Clickenger’s, the H.F. Taylor Motor Car Company, and 7 other local businesses.

19-year-old Reese T. Davis, whose parents had recently moved to Summit, spent his summer helping to set another sort of driving record. He was a driver on the Boy Scout “covered wagon”—a REO Speedwagon altered to look like a pioneer covered wagon. Mr. Davis, 4 other Scouts, and 2 Scout directors were chosen to make the long drive from New York City to San Francisco on the Lincoln Highway.

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