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Rabid dogs attack

spotlessThe Summit Herald of July 13, 1917 reported that two women who graduated from the nursing school at Overlook Hospital were featured in a Hearst-Pathé newsreel. They had served in France with the Harvard Hospital Unit, and were filmed in England at a party hosted by Sir Thomas Lipton. To encourage food conservation, a community market was to open at the corner of Springfield Avenue and Beechwood Road, for local farmers and gardeners to sell their produce. Mayor Ruford Franklin proclaimed that any dogs found running loose in would be destroyed, unless they wore wire muzzles. At least 7 people in Summit were bitten by pet dogs which tested positive for rabies. The victims went to New York to undergo the Pasteur serum treatment. In a letter to the editor, Leila Smith (Mrs. G.H. Smith} stated that the issue of women's suffrage should be set aside for the duration of the war, and that both suffragists and "antis" should recognize that they were enlisted in a greater cause.

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