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Homes, Sweet Homes

vienna bakeryThe Summit Herald of July 6, 1907 reported that at least 20 new homes were under construction in Summit, ranging from a “neat cottage” on Beechwood Road to a “palatial brick residence” on Hobart Avenue, while Mr. G.F. Vreeland was adding to the stable and carriage house on his property. Miss Irene Williams of Summit was married to Mr. Joseph Baldwin. The bride was the great-grand-daughter of Congressman Peter Wendover, who co-authored the bill decreeing that the number of states in the Union would be represented by the number of stars (not stripes) on the flag.

Young’s Bowling Alleys advertised the opening of a shooting gallery, with prizes offered to the best marksman. In the classified ads, a boy of about 13 was wanted to drive [a horse] and answer the telephone, and someone wished to rent an upright piano for 3 months.

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