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Silk Weavers Strike Again

park houseThe Summit Herald of June 22, 1901 reported that the two hundred silk weavers employed at the silk mills of Summit went on strike for increase in their pay rate, which had been 6¢ to 8¢ per yard. The mill owners agreed to an additional of 1¢ to 1-1/2¢ per yard, and recognized the weavers union. The Common Council meeting was crowded with citizens protesting the proposed widening of Woodland Avenue, which would have required cutting down many beautiful trees. The Park House property—three acres and a 100-guest hotel—was sold to Mr. Theodore Beck, a wealthy Hoboken silk manufacturer residing in Summit. The 20-piece Hill City Band announced their first open-air concert of the season. For Sale: a horse, harness, canopy-top surrey complete with whip and carriage robe, for $125.

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