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New High School Dedicated

army of shoesThe Summit Herald of June 15, 1923 reported that the new high school would be dedicated the following Monday, with special programs following each evening, including a concert, a Summit Playhouse production, and motion pictures. The Business Men’s Association discussed the possibility of installing modern electric streetlights in the the downtown area. The Lyric Theatre (“The Coolest Place in Summit”) was showing the silent film “Down to the Sea in Ships”, starring Clara Bow. The “Heraldings for Housewives” column gave a recipe for a basic cake, with variations to turn it into pound cake, fruit cake, or Devil’s Food. “For the Motorist” gave auto maintenance tips for those planning a vacation motor tour: check the gears for chipped teeth, rinse out the crank case with kerosene before refilling with oil, and make sure that spark plugs and magnetic interruptor points are clean

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