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Kindness Rewarded

summerwearThe Summit Herald of June 8, 1928 reported that four young men from Summit drove to Montreal for the weekend. They made the 450-mile trip in 16 hours, averaging just under 32 MPH. The local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution announced they would donate a new 8 by 10 foot flag for the city flagpole in Bonnel Park. The editors weighed in on the recent Supreme Court decision permitting the wiretapping the phones of bootleggers.

Miss Helen Campbell, a bank employee in Summit, was due to inherit $8,000 because of a lucky mistake and an act of kindness. She rang the doorbell for the wrong apartment, and met Mrs. Eliza Burris, who was ill and alone. Miss Campbell befriended Mrs. Burris, and returned to visit her. It was later discovered that Mrs. Burris was the long-lost sister of famous stage actress, Clara Morris. Mrs. Burris inherited her sister’s estate, but died one month later. She left it to the young woman who had been so kind to her.

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