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Four Graduate High School

summer cookingThe Summit Herald of May 25, 1907 reported that Summit voters overwhelmingly approved the installation of trolley tracks on Park Avenue. The Summit Hospital Association was holding a benefit concert to help pay for hospital treatment for those who could not afford it. The high school graduating class consisted of three young men and one young lady. A three-year-old boy was run over by a wagon while playing ball on Park Avenue. He was taken to Overlook Hospital by Patrolman O’Riley, where his broken leg was set.

In the classified ads, Miss Blake offered her services as a tutor in English, Mathematics, Latin, French, and German for $2 per hour. A Japanese boy was looking for a position doing house work for a small family. The Watchung Coal Company advertised for a wagon driver (single horse or team). The Lackawanna Railroad offered round-trip tickets to Niagara Falls ($ 9.00) and California ($79.76).

In local baseball, Summit defeated Chatham 4-3 in the 10th inning. William Lawrence, the Union County Sheriff, threw out the first ball. In the Christian Bowling League, the Catholics were in the lead by a significant score, with the Episcopalians in second place.

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