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Summit is a Three-Car Town

panhandleThe Summit Herald of May 18, 1901 reported that the collection of the Public Library had grown to 3,500 books. Due to heavy use by the community, library hours were expanded from nine hours per week to twenty hours. Mr. Callender of Springfield Avenue and Mr. Votey of Tulip Street purchased automobiles, bringing the total number of horseless vehicles in Summit to three. Mr. Votey’s name also appeared in the Lost and Found column: his King Charles Spaniel, Rags, was missing. The high school graduating class of ’01 consisted of six young men, four of whom were college-bound. A concert to benefit the YMCA was scheduled, featuring Professor Hendrickson the magician, and Rosani, prince of jugglers. Tickets were 25¢.

Plans were set for the official opening of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. Rumors circulated in Paris that the United States was planning to purchase the Panama Canal project from France. President McKinley received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of California, and would be receiving another from Harvard.

The Library has a searchable database of local historical newspapers. Search or browse at: http://www.digifind-it.com/summit/home.php