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Getting Rid of "Ain't"

mothers dayThe Summit Herald of May 11, 1923 reported that Clean-Up Week, led by the Town Improvement Association, had excellent results. At its May meeting, the T.I.A. announced that it would be erecting a public bulletin board downtown, and installing six new waste cans throughout the city. At the meeting of the Roosevelt School PTA, praised the students' successful campaign against the use of the word "ain't". Their new goal was to get rid of "I seen" and "I done". Tickets were on sale for two performances of the play "A Tailor Made Man" at the Lyric Theatre to raise funds for the construction of Memorial Field.

The State Fish and Game Commission restocked the hunting areas of New Jersey with over 1400 ring-necked pheasants. The NJ Legislature passed a law permitting game wardens and licensed hunters to shoot stray cats found killing birds.

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