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Off to See Buffalo Bill

gas rangeThe Summit Herald of April 20, 1901 reported that Rev. Alexander Tuttle, the new pastor at the Methodist Episcopal Church, would be giving his first sermon. At the Common Council Meeting, the Assistant Fire Chief reported on a recent chimney fire which was extinguished at the “considerable cost” of $12. He recommended that the Council pass an ordinance requiring homeowners to clean their chimneys annually, and to impose a fine if the Fire Department was called out for a fire that resulted from a chimney not being cleaned. A group of schoolchildren, teachers, and ladies took the train into New York City to enjoy the spectacle of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

The classified ads listed a variety of horses for sale, from a bay mare to a team of heavy horse (and a farm wagon).  Those in need of a good coachman could hire a “first class German”, married but without children, who was also experienced at gardening.

An anarchist from Argentina was arrested in connection with a plot to assassinate the German emperor. Captured papers indicated that he was acting on orders from anarchists in Paterson, who also planned to kill the czar of Russia and the king and queen of Italy. An epidemic of bubonic plague was reported in Australia.

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