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Juvenile Archers Plunder Public Shrubbery

kortleeThe Summit Herald of March 23, 1928 reported that two men from Newark were arrested for possession of concealed weapons and attempted robbery. They had been hired to drive a Summit man and his two friends back to Summit after the last train had departed. The victims had just received their week’s pay. When they arrived, the driver pulled a gun. No shots were fired, but a fist fight broke out, and a neighbor called the police. A second gun was found in the car, which had borrowed license plates. The would-be robbers were delivered to the county jail in Elizabeth.

Local women gathered to discuss the formation of a Republican women’s club in Summit. The “Betty Crocker Chats” column (based on the famous cook’s radio show) gave a recipe for homemade doughnuts. In the classified ads, lost items included a gold ring set with a cluster of pearls and an automobile door handle. Someone was selling a player piano with a bench and 52 rolls of music for $50. Boys looking for a light outside job for the summer were invited to apply to the caddy master at Canoe Brook Country Club.

The Chairman of the Board of Recreation Commissioners requested that children not cut branches from the shrubs planted around the edges of Memorial Field in order to make toy bows and arrows. She said that there were bushes in the woods which could be used for that purpose.

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