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Patriotic Meeting

dodgeThe Summit Herald of February 16, 1917 reported that a patriotic mass meeting would be held at the Lyric Theatre, sponsored by the Summit chapter of the National Defense Organization, and with Major General Leonard Wood, former Army Chief of Staff, as a guest speaker. A patient at Fair Oaks Sanitarium broke away from his attendant and jumped from the Springfield Avenue bridge onto the railroad tracks. A train passed over him without striking him, but he died of shock several hours later. The YMCA hosted the annual Boy Scouts fathers and sons banquet. The Summit Equal Suffrage League met at the home of their president, Mrs. John Dey, to discuss the subject of prison reform. The Summit branch of the NJ Association Opposed to Woman’s Suffrage cancelled its monthly meeting. In the Church bowling league, the YMCA team was in the lead, with the Presbyterians in last place. Mrs. Carroll P. Bassett shared a letter she received from an American aid worker, describing how the money raised by the children of Summit was being used to help war orphans in France.

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