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A Concert of Light

knickersThe Summit Herald of February 2, 1923 reported that inventor Thomas Wilfred would be coming to Summit with his clavilux, or ‘color organ’ to perform at the concert of the Summit Choral Society. The editorial page condemned the activities of the Ku Klux Klan in Louisiana and praised the defeat of the Bursum Bill, which would have weakened the land and water rights of the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico. Closer to home, it expressed serious concern about a trade in bootleg liquor among boys in Summit, some as young as 16. Guest lecturer Rev. John Haynes Holmes spoke at All Souls’ Church on conditions in post-war Europe. He recommended cancelling the war debt owed by Germany to France, and commented on changes in Russia under the Bolshevik government.

 In the classified ads, lost items included a silk navy blue umbrella, a gold fountain pen, a tire chain, and a child’s fur neck piece made from Australian opossum. “H.C.M” was selling monkey-fur capes at reasonable prices. The radio section contained broadcast schedules for local stations, as well as 4 circuit diagrams for radio amateurs to design their own crystal sets.

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