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Rev. Oakes Remembered

christmas checksThe Summit Herald of December 15, 1922 reported that following the sudden death of Rev. J. Adams Oakes, the East Summit Church would be renamed Oakes Memorial Church. An Americanization meeting was held at Lincoln school for foreign-born mothers of young children. Members of the Lions Club of Newark came to visit the Arthur Home for Blind Babies. The delegation included the Governor-Elect of New Jersey, George Silzer. Educational expert Earl Barnes spoke at All Souls’ Church on “The Over-Stimulation of American Children”. He explained how children’s health was affected by the rapid pace of modern life and the intrusion into the once-quiet home by the invention of the telephone. Many of the merchants of Summit advertised their wares for Christmas gifts, from traditional favorites like bicycles and linen handkerchiefs to newfangled radios and electric toasters. The featured recipe was for hermit cookies (with cinnamon, allspice, cloves,nutmeg, and raisins).

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