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Comstock Fights Pornography

The Summit Herald of December 8, 1900 reported that Summit resident and anti-vice crusader Anthony Comstock raided the American Electroscope Company in New York, confiscating thousands of obscene picture and negatives. Common Council considered a number of bids for renovating the fire house, but rejected them all as being too high. A burglar alarm bell was installed at police headquarters, connected to the Summit Bank. The government commission appointed to study the construction of a canal across Central America recommended a route across Nicaragua instead of Panama. The YMCA announced that the Rev. Charles Sammon, a missionary recently returned from China, would speak about his experiences during the siege of Tientsin by Boxer rebels. At a meeting of the Fortnightly Club, members discussed the unhealthy conditions in Summit tenements. An advertisement extolled the marvels of Mr. Edison’s new phonograph, which is superior to a piano or music box because it also sings, talks, and plays all the instruments of an orchestra.

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