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Presidential Election Results

mckinleyThe Summit Herald of November 10, 1900 reported that Summit had its largest voter turnout ever, and reelected President William McKinley (and new running mate Theodore Roosevelt) over William Jennings Bryan by a wide margin.  Some local residents had made bets on the election results. Payment did not involve money; the losers had to give the winners rides in a wheelbarrow. A paper by the President of the Library Board of Trustees was read aloud at a meeting of the Fortnightly Club, urging that the library receive funding of $1000 per year from the city, as the current annual funding of $150 (plus fines and donations) was just enough for maintenance, and did not cover the purchase of new books. Magician Alexander Victor (“the man of mystery”) was scheduled to perform in Summit; tickets were priced at 25¢, 35¢, and 50¢.

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