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Six words could win a prize!

6wordstorycontestCan you write a story using only 6 words? Enter the library’s Six-Word Story Contest!

The six-word story was invented by Ernest Hemingway, but you don’t have to be a Nobel Prize-winning author to write one.

Give it a try! Submit your six-word story anytime before the end of August. You can either submit your story via our Contact Us page, emailing ( This email address is being protected from spambots.), or put it in the box at the Information Desk labelled “Six-Word Stories.” Please include your full name, phone number, and email.


  • Your story must have six (6) words.
  • You may use only one contraction, such as I’m, can’t, wouldn’t, etc. per story.
  • You may submit up to two (2) six-word stories.
  • Your story must be submitted by August 31, 2019.
  • By entering the contest, you give the Library the right to post the story (and name, unless you ask us not to) in the Library and on our media outlets.
  • Stories will be judged by a panel of library employees. We will be looking for movement of conflict, action, and resolution for a complete story in six words. Prizes will be awarded to the stories that most fully and creatively fulfill this. Winners will be notified by mid-September.