STEAM items to check out

This entry has been published on September 12, 2022 and may be out of date.

Did you know that you check out different types of items with your library card, that can help you with science, technology, and computer programming?

Library of Things Jr:  These items can be checked by library patrons under 17

Artie 3000:  Practice coding skills with a Wifi enabled STEM drawing robot.  Batteries are included;  all you need is a Mac, PC, or Tablet connected to the internet.

Finch Robots 1.0:  Practice your coding skills with Finch Robot.  Each kit contains the robot, a USB Cable, and an instruction guide; all you need is a computer with a USB input that is connected to the internet. Suggested age is 5-105.

Snap Circuits:   Learn basic engineering, electronics, and circuitry by using snaps on a grid.

Library of Things: These items may be checked out by library patrons over 17

Birdwatching Kit: Learn all about birds in your backyard with a pair of Binoculars, a Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central north America, as well as a quick informational guide to familiar bird species.

Compound Microscope:  Practice your skills in Biology, by taking a look at the microscopic word around you.  This kit includes a microscope with instructions, a set of prepared slides, and a set of clear slides and covers for you to practice.

Drill Sets:  For those of you who like building things, or need to repair something around the house, the library has two drill sets.  Both the DeWalt max combo set and the Black & Decker drill set come with driver and drill bits, plus other tools that may help you with your project.

Kill A Watt meter:  An easy to use meter that calculates electric usage and cost of household appliances to help you understand and reduce your energy bill.

Sewing Machine:  Learn how to sew, or if you already know how to sew, you can learn how to addd zippers, monograms, button holes and more.  The sewing machine kit contains a seam ripper, four bobbins, and a book for beginners.

Telescopes:  View the stars in the night sky by checking out either the Tabletop Telescope, or the Orion SpaceProbe Telescope. Both telescope kits contain manuals, plus the book Turn left at Orion : hundreds of night sky objects to see in a home telescope–and how to find them