Quiet Study Rooms

Quiet Study Rooms

The study rooms are provided for quiet study, literacy/ESL tutoring or for group study that necessitates conversation. The rooms are not available for social, political, partisan, or religious purposes, for the benefit of commercial concerns, as an open study hall, or where, in the judgment of the Library, disorder may occur. 

Reservation priority will be given as ordered below:

  1. Summit Library cardholders; at least one person utilizing the room must be a Library cardholder.
  2. Reciprocal Library cardholders.
  3. If a room is not reserved, it will be made available on a first-come, first served basis in one hour increments to any patron regardless of whether s/he is a Library cardholder or not.


  1. A valid identification may be required by at least one person occupying the room and that person will be held responsible for any damage occurring during the session. The identification will be held by the Library and returned upon completion of room use and after the room has been inspected by the Library staff.
  2. A Maximum of four (4) persons will be allowed in the Hageman and Ford Study Rooms or a maximum of six (6) in the Manley Winser computer lab.
  3. A Study Room may be used for a maximum of three (3) hours per day if others are waiting.
  4. The rooms may be reserved up to a month in advance, either in person at the Reference Desk, through our website online reservation system, or over the telephone.
  5. A reservation will be canceled if the person(s) does not appear within 15 minutes of the scheduled time when others are waiting.
  6. A study room may be used during the Library’s business hours and in accordance with the Library’s Rules of Conduct. Anyone violating these policies will be asked to vacate the room and may be subject to discipline under the Library usage Policy.

The Library reserves the right to terminate any session or to refuse use of the room at any time.

Approved by Board of Trustees September 2019