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Teen Writers Club

Teen Writers Club:  

Write a short story on a topic. Submit your stories to the library at teens@summitlibrary.org. We’ll create a zine of all of your submitted work at the end of the summer. You will get new prompts every Monday from June 15-August 10

New Kahoot!

We know you LOVE Kahoot! Every week, we will have a new Kahoot for you to do on your own. On the last day, we will play Live Kahoot! on Zoom and Facebook live.

6/19/2020:  Fairy Tales: 
Test your knowledge on popular fairytales
6/26/2020: Summit Trivia: 
Do you think you know all there is to know about Summit?  Test your knowledge
7/3/2020:  Hunger Games: 
Trivia based on The Hunger Games series. May the odds be ever in your favor.
7/10/2020:  Harry Potter: 
Test your knowledge of the Harry Potter series, and maybe even “The Cursed Child.”
7/17/2020:  Superheroes:  
Modern Myths Avengers, Justice League or X-Men?  Whichever your favorites are, you can test your knowledge using this Kahoot
7/24/2020:  Percy Jackson and Greek Myths: 
Even if you don’t like the color blue, test your knowledge of all things Percy Jackson.  
7/31/2020:  Stranger Things: 
You won’t need Christmas lights to answer the questions in this Kahoot.  Just see if you know about Hawkins Indiana and the Upside Down.
8/7/2020:  YA Fiction Classics: 
Even if you haven’t read all of these books, you might have seen many of the movies.  See how many questions you can answer based on these Classic stories for teens.
8/14/2020:  Mix & Match:  
Books, movies, random facts, a combination of a whole bunch of different trivia.  
8/21/2020:  Hamilton Live Kahoot!:  
Alexander Hamilton:  We’ve been saving this Kahoot for you!  Let’s play a game of Live Kahoot with any Summit Residents who would like to join us.


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