Storytime FAQ

Storytime FAQ

Thank you for your interest in our Storytime Programs!
Our main goal is for everyone to have a positive experience at our storytime programs, and begin to enjoy reading as a group activity.  With your help, we can develop and nurture your child’s love of books and the library.  If you have any questions, please call us at 273-0350 x4.


How old should my child be before I bring them to storytime?
Our storytime programs begin with a lapsit at six months.  So, as long as your child can sit up on their own, you can begin with Baby Bookworms on Monday Mornings at 10 am and  10:30 AM.

Why do you break down some storytime programs by age? They are all the same anyway, right?
Each of our storytimes is specifically designed with that age group in mind. We take into consideration brain development, motor skills, and pre-literacy skills when planning storytimes. Each storytime focuses on different elements to best benefit your child. We strongly encourage that you attend the storytime that is in line with the age of your child as that is how they will get the most out of this program.

My child is one year old, but has hit many of the milestones early.  Can they come to the preschool storytime?
Our storytimes are designed around developmental milestones. As children get older they may find some of the elements in the baby storytime sessions boring and they may act out, stop paying attention or refuse to enter the storytime room. These are all signs that your child may be ready for the next storytime step.

What can I do to prepare my child for storytime?
Discuss the idea of storytime before you come, explaining that you and your child will be asked to sit and listen to stories,  do fingerplays, stretches, and bounces, sing songs, and march! You can assure your child that you will sit together and try to participate together too.  Some children prefer a more passive role which is fine, too.

Why do you repeat the same songs/rhymes/flannels every week? 
Repetition is how young children learn. Repeating elements help kids feel secure because they know what is coming up next. Depending on the age group, different elements are repeated.

My child doesn’t sit still.  Is it OK for them to come to storytime?
Yes, your child is learning.  If you keep coming to storytime, eventually your child will learn the routine and might even begin to sit for longer periods of time. It may happen after just a few visits or after a few months. If your child doesn’t begin to settle, it’s still developmentally appropriate to wander.

Do I have to come in with my child?
All storytime programs at Summit Free Public Library are designed to be children with a caregiver.  We encourage the adults in the room to participate enthusiastically during storytime.  This includes doing any rhymes or actions with the library staff, and putting away your cell phones until the end of the storytime.  Your child will learn from your example.

What if my child starts crying or gets fussy?
If your child becomes unhappy or uncomfortable, library staff may ask you to take the child outside until they calm down.  Don’t worry; this behavior is developmentally appropriate, but it can be distracting to the other children in the group.

What other program options do you have for babies and young children? 
In addition to Baby Bookworms on Mondays for Ages 6 months to 2 years, and “Listen, Play, Create” for ages 2-K, the library will also start a Storytime Yoga program for preschoolers, and Sensory Shenanigans, a drop in sensory play program for all ages as well. If a storytime is held twice, the same stories and rhymes are presented at both programs. Please register for the session that works best for you and your child.

If my preschool child has a younger sibling, can I bring the younger child with me to the older storytime?
Yes, you may bring your younger child with you to the storytime.  However, if the younger child is fussy, you must take both children out of the storytime to take a break and come back into storytime when they have calmed down.

Where can I park my stroller during storytime?
Strollers are welcome in the meeting room, as needed, but they do take up a lot of space. Please bring any valuables that you have with you to storytime, and leave your strollers in the Teen Room of the library if you wish. A library staff member will direct you where to park your strollers. The library is not responsible for loss or theft of any personal belongings.

My children have a nanny/babysitter.  Can they come with the children instead?
Of course nannies are welcome.  As with any parents present, we encourage all adults in the room to participate enthusiastically with their children during storytime.  This includes doing any rhymes or actions with the library staff, and putting away your cell phones until the end of the storytime.  Your child will learn from your example.

I don’t live in Summit; can my child still come to storytime?
Yes.  We no longer limit our story time to only Summit residents.  Beginning in January 2023, storytime registration will be mandatory, so please attend the storytime that is best suited towards your child’s age group.

My child often gets hungry at the same time as the program.  What should I do?
For the sake of potential allergies, we ask that you do not bring snacks into storytime. It is also a distraction for the librarians and others present.  Additionally, as per the library policy, we do not allow food in the building. We would prefer that you wait until you are outside of the library to serve snacks.

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