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Once Upon A Rescue
Fairy Tale Kitchen
Graphic Novel Book Club
Virtual Books & Woofs

Once Upon A Rescue
Mondays at 4 PM

Everyone in the land of Once Upon A Time has a serious problem.  Humpty Dumpty is always falling over, etc. etc. They need some expert help.  Join the Fairytale Rescue Squad and help the citizens of Once Upon A Time solve their problems.

  • June 15:  Week 1–Humpty Dumpty
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are really worried about Humpty Dumpty.  He keeps climbing on things and is not very steady.  They need help making him a suit that will protect Humpty if he falls.
  • June 22: Week 2–Rapunzel
    Rapunzel has been social distancing for way too long!  Her mom the wicked queen has tried to keep her safe in a tower her whole life.  All she wants to do is escape and see the world.  The citizens of Once Upon A Time are very excited to meet her.
  • June 29:  Week 3–Hansel and Gretel
    Hansel and Grettle Keep eating my house. The poor old witch has a serious problem.  Hansel and Gretle keep eating her candy house.  She this time they have completely devoured it.  She is homeless.  The citizens of Once Upon A Time need your help to rebuild her a candy house.
  • July 6: Week 4–3D Design Challenge
    The citizens of Once Upon a Time have been having trouble identifying all the magical creatures in the enchanted forest.  They need your help.
  • July 13:  Week 5–Imagine Your Own Story
    You have moved to the land of Once Upon A Time. The citizens of Once Upon a Time are excited to meet you.  Tell them your story.  Make sure to include magical elements.
  • July 20: Week 6–Create a Map of Once Upon A Time
    The citizens of Once Upon A Time are always getting lost.  As you know there is no wifi or GPS.  They need someone to name and mark off the different places they can travel to on a map.
  • July 27:  Week 7–Is it science or is it Magic
    Join the citizens of once upon a time for their favorite game show.  Is it Science? or is it Magic?
  • August 3:  Week 8–The gift shop
    Once a year in the land of Once Upon A Time nonmagical folk have the opportunity to visit.  This is often a fun festival.  The gift shop committee needs your help making dragon eggs to sell to the visitors.
  • August 9:  The Gift Shop Part 2
    Once a year in the land of Once Upon A Time nonmagical folk have the opportunity to visit.  This is often a fun festival.  The gift shop committee needs your help making glow in the dark fairy gardens to sell to the visitors.

Fairy Tale Kitchen    
Tuesdays    4:00 PM    

Join Ms. Lisa to make some yummy recipes based on your favorite fairytale characters and stories.

  • June 16: Week 1–(Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)
     Snow White’s poison apple
  • June 23: Week 2–(Gingerbread Man)
    Gingerbread People 
  • June 30: Week 3–(Princess and the Frog)
    Princess Tiana’s Beignets 
  • July 7: Week 4–(3 Little Pigs )
    Let’s make mud pies that you can eat!
  • July 14: Week 5–(Rapunzel)
    Braided pretzels and dips
  • July 21: Week 6–(Jack and the Beanstalk)
    Jack’s magic 7 layer bean dip
  • July 28: Week 7–(Little Mermaid)
    Under the Sea Lemonade and Mermaid Pasta 
  • August 4: Week 8–(The Legend of Bigfoot)
    Bigfoot burgers/sliders 
  • August 11: Week 9–(Unicorns)
    Unicorn tacos 

Thursdays at 4 pm

Serendipity is a program of stories, songs, puppets, plays, and sometimes a craft with Mrs. Wheeless for children going into kindergarten through grade 5.

  • June 18    “Midsummer Magic”:  take a virtual trip to Stonehenge to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  “Saint George and the Dragon” is a traditional story often told or enacted on Midsummer’s Eve.
    Craft:  Make your own drum to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.
  • June 25   Once Upon a Time “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”  caused a strange mystery to develop which no one could solve.  We have 2 dancing princesses of our own who will perform for us.  They will teach you to do an arabesque!
    Craft:  Make dancing beans!
  • July 2   “Robin Hood” makes A Hero’s Journey into Sherwood Forest where he and his merry men take from the rich and give to the poor!  One of “Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters” makes a heroine’s journey through the jungle.
    Craft:  Making a catapult.
  • July 9   Magical Creatures:  What do The Loathsome Dragon and the Huge Bear in the story Brave have in common?  (They are both really women!)  Will the Greek hero Theseus be able to save the people from the ferocious Minotaur in the labyrinth?
    Craft Choices: Find your way through a maze and a labyrinth.  Dragon finger puppet and draw your own dragon.
  • July 16   Timeless Tales Around the Campfire:   Suspenseful and funny stories like “Wiley and the Hairy Man,” along with camp songs and jokes.    
     Craft:  Make s’mores.
  • July 23   Fee Fi Fo Yum:  Tremendous Tales, Toe-Tapping Tunes, and Tasty Cake.   Giants and food are irresistible!
    Craft:  Dump Cake.
  • July 30    Alternative Cinderella and Stable Fella Book Club.
    Hear many different Cinderella stories from Appalachia to Egypt. Imagine the Cinderella story from another character’s point of view
    Activities:  Stick Cinderella in Her Carriage game.
  • August 6  Spinning a Yarn.   Gamelyn the dressmaker is commanded to make a dress of beaten gold.   Whippety Stourie is in trouble because she cannot spin.  The Princess takes a 100-year nap after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel.  
    Craft: T-shirt hand puppets.
  • August 13   The Knight with Shining Hair.   Stolen away by the Wild Man, Iron Hans, the  Prince has many exciting adventures.
    Craft:  Create your own armor, be trained, and be knighted.

Graphic Novel Book Club:
Wednesdays at 2 PM with Ms. Lisa

We love comics and graphic novels! Do you? Let’s get together for a fun chat about these. All available for free with your library card on Hoopla.

June 24:  Hex Vet: Witches in Training by Sam Davies:  What magical creature would you have and why? Draw a picture and bring it along. All nonmagical pets welcome.

July 22:  Oddly Normal Vol. 1 by Otis Frampton: Oddly doesn’t just doesn’t fit in. Not in the real world or the magical one. Let’s have some fun by dressing up as our favorite character from a book or movie. Costumes optional.

August 19: Princess Ninjas by Dave Franchini:  Save the world from an evil villain with our new found ninja power. Yes, I’m in. What would your magical ninja power be and why? Dress up as a ninja and join our chat. Costumes optional.

Virtual Books & Woofs
Wednesdays, July 1 and August 5 at 7 pm

Is your child learning how to read?  Does your child need help practicing their reading?  During Books & Woofs, children can practice reading aloud to puppies and dogs who are being trained to be Seeing Eye dogs. This is an easy and fun way to practice reading fluency.

We will be hosting Books and Woofs using Zoom. If you are interested, please register for this program


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