Grades 1-5

Grades 1-5 Programs

Family STEAM Club
Take It & Make It
Virtual Books & Woofs
Special Monthly Programs

Virtual Family STEAM Club:  Thursdays at 7 PM

Grades K-5, led on Zoom or Google Meet with Ms. Lisa. 

4/13/21: Wind Energy: Let’s build a working windmill and generate electricity!
4/20/21: Composting Science: It can smell! but learn how nature recycles its waste by making fertilizer for your garden
4/27/21: Hour of Code: Join us for a fun Hour of Code project!
5/04/21: Circuit Flowers/ bugs: The flowers are growing and the bugs are buzzing outside let’s make them light up inside.  Join us for simple circuits and make a light-up flower or bug.  
5/11/21: Wind energy building an anemometer: Let’s measure wind speed by building an anemometer.
**5/18/21 Telescope night @ the library: Let’s explore the stars!  Join us and a special presenter from the Pearl Observatory. to learn about the night sky, stars/planets, and learn how to use a telescope!  Just a reminder we will start at 8 pm right after sunset.  Masks required. 
5/25/2021: Bottle Rockets @ the library: Join us at the library where we will make our very own bottle rockets and launch them into the sky. Masks required.

**Please note this program begins at 8 PM

Take it & Make It: Elementary: 

Every Wednesday

While supplies last, take home a craft kit to create at home!

  • 4/13/21: DIY CHIA Pets
  • 4/20/21: washcloth bunny
  • 4/27/21: paint chip poetry
  • 5/05/21: mother’s day egg shaped bath bombs
  • 5/12/21: CD wind chime
  • 5/19/21: Tinfoil art Embossing
  • 5/26/21: Hummingbird Feeder

Thursdays at 4 pm

Serendipity is a program of stories, songs, puppets, plays, and sometimes a craft with Mrs. Wheeless for children going into kindergarten through grade 5.

Click on any of the links to register and receive the video right in your email inbox.

  • April 15 Run! Hide! Abiyoyo is Back! Let’s hope he doesn’t team up with Fin M’Coul and the Rude Giants!

  • April 22 Earth Day Celebration: Hear an original story by a local middle schooler about what happens to plastic bags. Make lists together about how we can help with the greening of our world


    April 29 Destination MARS: Make A Red (planet) Sing. Explanation of the U.S. recent landing and possible plans for the future. Fly over in our Library Space Craft and check things out. Craft: Create your own imaginary Martian.

  • May 6 Mexico: The Legend of Lucia Zenteno. Learn to sing a Spanish song and dance La Cucaracha. Hear of the amazing monarch butterflies who fly long distances to winter in Mexico. Papa’s Pastries are delectable! Let’s make some at the end for our craft. 

  • May 13 Arabian Nights: The most exciting stories were told by Scheresade for 1001 nights. Her best known character, Aladdin, found a magic lamp. Rub it and see what happens!

  • May 20 Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and 39 apartments: Why would a composer who is widely considered to be the greatest of all times, be required to move so often? How could Beethoven compose his greatest symphony, the 9th, when he had completely lost his hearing? 

  • May 27 Fly Me To the Moon: It’s not just green cheese anymore! A fun program in a space ship with astronaut tales, tunes, and jokes. Ex. How does an astronaut on the moon tell another astronaut he’s sorry? He Apollogizes.” 

  • June 3 Mountain Mayhem: Appalachian tales, tunes, and musical instruments. Featuring Cotton-eyed Joe, the singing bear!

Virtual Books & Woofs
Mondays at 7 pm, Grades K-5

Is your child learning how to read?  Does your child need help to practice their reading?  During Books & Woofs, children can practice reading aloud to puppies and dogs who are being trained to be Seeing Eye dogs. This is an easy and fun way to practice reading fluency.

Until further notice, we will be hosting Books and Woofs using Zoom. If you are interested, please register for any of the dates below:

Special Monthly Programs for children:

  • Family Movie Night Watch Party:  Fridays at 7 PM:  Curl up on the couch and join us for a new children’s movie every Month
    • April 30;  Arthur And The Invisibles
    • May 21: Fly Me To The Moon
  • Kids in the Kitchen: Wednesdays at 4 PM: Join Ms. Lisa in the kitchen and make a fun recipe.  We will meet on Zoom.  Make sure to register to receive the link and list of ingredients.
    • 4/14/21:  Cinnamon Bunny Twists
    • 5/12/21: Sheet Pan Pancakes
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