Copy, Fax, Scan & Flash Drives

Copy, Fax, Scan & Flash Drives

The Library strives to keep up with all of your business and personal documentation needs. We have two photocopiers one color, one black and white, and offer faxing and scanning. 


Flash Drives

We have two photocopiers in the library. A black & white copier is next to the Circulation Desk under the clock. A color photocopier is in the Quiet Reading Area, next to the Administration Office. 

A self-service fax machine is located at the Scan & Fax Station located near the Information Desk. The cost to send a fax in the U.S. is $1.25 for each page. Payment can be made with cash, credit, or debit cards. The fax machine will not accept incoming faxes.

The Library now offers two scanners for public use located near the Information Desk. Any kind of document or picture can be scanned and converted to an electronic file. It can then be saved to a flash drive or emailed. One scanner has a flatbed mode and the other has a document feeder that allows multiple pages (one- or two-sided) to be scanned at once. Use of the scanners is free.



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