CATSS Critics: “Bad Girls Don’t Die”

This entry has been published on March 16, 2021 and may be out of date.

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Here is our very first book review by Melissa D.

Melissa D’s Rating:

Bad Girls Don’t Die, by Katie Alender.

Reviewed by Melissa D. 

Call #: YA FIC ALE

Tell us what the book is about, but don’t give away the ending:

Alexis and her younger sister, Kasey, are very close. Kasey loves dolls, there is no doubt about that, but her obsession reaches an unusual extreme, especially since she is a 13-year-old. Kasey’s change from a gentle and happy girl to angry and aggressive did not go unnoticed… and neither did the new doll that she carries around. Everything about Kasey changed when she found this doll, and things get worse by the minute. With each passing moment, more and more parts of Kasey are gone. Alexis has to find a way to rid Kasey of this evil, and fast if she has any hope of getting her sister back.

Tell us what you thought about the book:

This book was incredible. It has all the things a good supernatural horror book should: relatable characters, a scary conflict, and nice, big, unexpected twists. It keeps readers on the edge of their seats, constantly asking “What’s next?” with each turn of the page. It makes us question everything, from Kasey’s questionable behavior to Alexis’s sanity, while also neatly trying everything at the end with a big red bow.