Binge Watching Made Easy!

Borrow hours of entertainment with our Binge Box collection. Each box contains four to six DVDs that share a theme such as Tempt Your Palate, Technology Gone Wrong, and War Through the Ages. Search the library’s online catalog using the keyword “binge box” or search for a box by title.

Checking out a Binge Box: 

  • Binge Boxes may be checked out by all Summit Library cardholders and members of reciprocating libraries.
  • Binge Boxes may be borrowed for  14 days with two renewals.
  • Binge Boxes must be checked out and returned in their entirety. DVDs in a binge box are not available for individual check out. Binge Boxes will not be considered returned unless all the contents are returned together.
  • Binge Boxes can be found on the new DVD and BluRay shelves.

Current Binge Boxes:

Questions? Call us at 908-273-0350 or ask a staff member while you’re visiting the Library.