Adult Services Highlight — August 2023

“Can you help me find a good book?” This is my favorite question that I am asked as a reference librarian. I only wish people would ask it more often!

How do we help you find a book if we haven’t read every book in the library? We are trained to listen carefully and find patterns in books you’ve enjoyed or disliked (a process called readers’ advisory), and we stay up-to-date on the latest bestsellers, book group suggestions, and reviews. We also learn from what other patrons tell us they are enjoying or searching out.

Whether you are an avid reader searching for the next twisty psychological thriller, a historical fiction fan looking for a novel with telling details and complex characters, or a World War II buff looking for an analysis of the contributions of women spies behind the lines, we can help you! We understand that sometimes it can be daunting to pick just one, and we’re here to help. So even if your to-be-read list is a mile long, come and share what you’re loving – or hating. Summit patrons are so discerning!

Know that when I am helping you find your next read (or listen – audiobooks count too!) there is no judgment on my part. Some patrons have told me they think we’re all English majors reading weighty tomes with big words. Nothing could be further from the truth. Among us, there are fans of supernatural mysteries, humorous science fiction, tense historical fiction, and provocative sociological essays.

Nothing makes me happier at work than an excuse to walk patrons through my favorite database, Novelist, a treasure of a resource for exploring the wide world of book possibilities. Because that’s what a library is – a world of possibilities.

— Debbie Abrams, Reference Librarian