Adult Services Highlight – April 2023

This entry has been published on April 5, 2023 and may be out of date.

A lot of people engage in genealogical research trying to retrace their family history, find long lost relatives, and understand the aspirations and struggles of previous generations. It is similar to a treasure hunt, with each step bringing new insights. The thrill of discovering previously unknown family member or a family story is hard to match. Not to mention that the research process itself engages a range of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and analysis.

On top of our vast genealogy resources like Ancestry, Fold3, Heritage Quest, yearbooks, and historic newspapers, we now offer a series of genealogy workshops each covering a specific topic. If you are interested in participating in our workshops, you can check our Event calendar at: .

Genealogical research broadens our world view and helps understanding the societal, cultural, and historical context in which one’s ancestors lived. It is profoundly personal and emotional experience that reminds us how much our lives interconnect. Our next workshops are on Tuesday, April 4th and May 9th at 7PM on zoom. You don’t have to be a Summit Library patron to register. Everybody is welcome!

Irene Vershinin, Reference Librarian