Summit Trivia


  1. What was the original name of Summit?
  2. During the American Revolution, Summit was known as ____.
  3. What is Summit’s oldest known structure?
  4. The current population of Summit is ________.
  5. How many languages are spoken in Summit?
  6. How many square miles is Summit?
  7. What was the name of Summit’s first mansion, now owned by Oratory Prep?
  8. Who was the Summit native that won an “Indy 500”?
  9. Which Summit native was a 2-time All Star Major League baseball player, who also played for the Mets?
  10. What actress, born in Summit, currently holds the record for Academy Award nominations and Golden Globe Award nominations?
  11. What host of television’s Mad Money is from Summit?
  12. Who was the Summit native that won a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens in freestyle swimming?
  13. What famous hip hop artist attended Brayton Elementary and Summit Middle School?
  14. In the series finales of the television show Monk, which character had been offered the job of Chief of Police in Summit?
  15. What is the New Jersey state bird?
  16. What is the New Jersey state flower?
  17. What is the New Jersey state bug?
  18. What is the New Jersey state dinosaur?
  19. What is the New Jersey state tree?
  20. What is New Jersey’s longest river?
  21. What is New Jersey’s smallest county?
  22. How many counties are in New Jersey?
  23. Who was the only US President born in New Jersey?
  24. What is New Jersey’s nickname?
  25. Of the 50 states in the US, New Jersey was number ____?
  26. What New Jersey seaport is the largest in the US?
  27. What New Jersey city has the longest boardwalk in the world?
  28. What two colleges played the first intercollegiate football game in 1869?
  29. What is the origin of the name “New Jersey”?


  1. Turkey Hill
  2. Beacon Hill
  3. Carter House – Summit Historical Society
  4. 21,897
  5. 35
  6. 6
  7. Newman Hall
  8. Mark Donahue
  9. Al Leiter
  10. Meryl Streep
  11. Jim Cramer
  12. Scott Goldblatt
  13. Ice-T
  14. Randy Disher
  15. Eastern Goldfinch
  16. Violet
  17. Honey Bee
  18. Hadrosaurus
  19. Red Oak
  20. Raritan
  21. Hudson
  22. 21
  23. Grover Cleveland
  24. Garden State
  25. 3
  26. Elizabeth
  27. Altantic City
  28. Rutgers v. Princeton (6-4 Rutgers)
  29. Channel Isle of Jersey