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The Gallery is a public-private partnership of the Summit Free Public Library and Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. Funding for the gallery was provided by a grant from the Summit Area Foundation. For more information on the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, please visit

Currently on display:

Ida Ochoteco
December 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

GYR, 2021 Collage 11 x 14 inches


Sarambí is a Guaraní word meaning chaos. A departure from the textures of traditional collages, Ida Ochoteco’s work has a smooth resin finish. Underneath this clean surface, colors, textures, and geometrical shapes dance in an “organized mess”, bursting with energy. Many of Ochoteco’s collages include paper pieces with incongruous colors and patterns, a subtle rebellion amidst the orderliness of her artwork. She encourages all interpretations of her unique work and wants the viewer to follow their intuition and gut instinct. She hopes that what visitors see in Sarambí challenges them.

About the Artist

Ida Ochoteco was born in Germany and spent her formative years in the United States, Japan, Mexico and Uruguay before taking her Basque-Italo-Uruguayan roots around the world, ultimately settling in New Jersey.
Inspired by artists Piet Mondrian, Joaquín Torres-Garcí and Andy Warhol, she creates abstract collages.