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The Gallery is a public-private partnership of the Summit Free Public Library and Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. Funding for the gallery was provided by a grant from the Summit Area Foundation. For more information on the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, please visit

Currently on display:

Flowers in B&W, 2014-15, Sumi ink on paper

Neela Pushparaj
It Is All Black and White
All works sumi ink on paper, series painted 2014-2015

March 1-April 30, 2022

Neela Pushparaj M.D.
Watercolor artist

”Painting is an integral part of my life. It is an expression of my joy in everything I see.”

She has had multiple solo shows in Hospitals, libraries and Galleries.
Her work is published in two volumes of Top Ten Contemporary Artists.
She participated in the 2018 London Biennale, Water for life III in Cancun, 2018, and
The first Palermo Biennale.

Her work will be at the Vatican Palace. March, 5-11, 2022.
She is represented by Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea, NYC
She belongs to multiple art organizations .
She has also received multiple awards.