Art at the Library


The Gallery is a public-private partnership of the Summit Free Public Library and Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. Funding for the gallery was provided by a grant from the Summit Area Foundation. For more information on the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, please visit

Currently on display:

Photography by David Anderson Ward

July 1-September 30, 2022

David Anderson Ward is a published, award winning landscape/wildlife/floral/cityscape photographer based in Hillsborough, NJ.

Welcome to my exhibit!

My photographic journey began in 1981; but really took off when digital cameras improved so tremendously. I now create images with a high-resolution, full frame, mirrorless camera with an amazing Auto Focus system paired with incredibly accurate and smart sensors. The more I documented the world around me, the more passionate I became! This has led me on photo trips to the Canadian Arctic, Zion & Bryce NP, Kenai Fjords & Knik Glacier, Hawaii, Vancouver, the Pacific NW, the NYC skyline, Iceland, camping with grizzly bears in Alaska, whale touching in Baja Mexico, and all over NJ!

Every image has a gallery on my website, and there are blogs for each image on my site, too. My goal is to transport people to places they may never be able to see – mini vacations!

Each image is presented as an HD Matte Metal providing tremendous 3D details with ZERO reflections and very minimal glare.